Porto.AI goal is to build a high-quality, talented, skilled community and network around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Porto (Portugal). We are the Porto chapter of CityAI global applied AI community with the mission to facilitate and promote local communities around AI, develop competencies of local citizens by democratising and demystify AI, as well as attract talent to the region.

With the vision to make Porto a reference in Artificial Intelligence, anyone with interest in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Statistics, Robotics, Internet of Things and keen to learn more are welcome to join us in the multiple forums that we are creating across the city.

We aim to establish synergies by enabling people to connect with experts, to discuss state-of-the-art algorithms and, get to know the application of AI applications in a real-world environment. In the end, to empower Porto community on Artificial Intelligence. By bringing together everyone interested in AI in Porto (Portugal), to learn from each other experience, one can expand their knowledge base and leveraging it into new real-world endeavours.