Discover Porto

We believe that Porto is a place where technology work and life come together in perfect harmony.

This way, the goal of PTH Conference is to develop and grow the city’s thriving tech scene and to bring businesses and people together to celebrate the power of technology.

So, we want all of our conference attendees to experience the best that Porto has to offer, and let's face it, there’s nothing like the hospitality of Northern Portugal.

Where to Stay 

Are you looking for where to stay in Porto to attend our Conference on October 27th ?

We are here to help you with the best hotel choices that have special conditions for attendees of the Porto Tech Hub Conference!

Where to Eat

Are you wondering where to eat on the day of Porto Tech Hub Conference?
Porto is a major food and drink capital for people who love to eat!

Check out our favorite places to eat, with special conditions, only on October 27th, for attendees of the Porto Tech Hub Conference.

And don't forget to bring your conference badge!