In the corridors of … ARMIS Group

The outline of the building takes us on a journey through time and space. Located in a green corner of Campanhã, in Porto, and sheltered by the shade of trees, an old rebuilt wine cellar became the headquarters of ARMIS Group, a place where work is home. The building has an iconic story: a long time ago, the boats used to carry Porto wine were frequently robbed at Douro River. The solution was to store the best wine of the city in some warehouses to keep it away from the robbers. For many years, ARMIS Group facilities worked as a coffer, and the company believes that nowadays they still can protect some precious treasures.


This is a story that is being written over 14 years and both founders, Carlos Costa and Nuno Antunes take us back to where it all began. “Everything happened because of a need. We were a group of people that had worked together for quite some time in another company, which was bought by a multinational-group, so we decided it was time to take the leap”, said Nuno.

So young, they were sure about the step they were going to take at that time, without even imagining what the future could bring.

Today, ARMIS Group is developing projects in more than nine countries around the world. Nuno can’t hide the joy of acknowledging the growth of the organization over the years. “We never anticipated in detail what we would be or not. Step by step, we built a solid path”, he explains.

Beyond the incredible headquarters in Porto, ARMIS Group holds other offices in Lisbon, São Paulo (Brazil) and Macau. It is now a cross-sector company developing expertise in software development consulting and implementation, business software products and IT services management.
Looking back, Nuno realizes that, even though nothing was planned, the evolution happened in a “very professional” way.


This success is only possible if alongside great entrepreneurs you have great employees. And this is one of ARMIS Group mottos. “It’s important for us to know that employees not only have all the conditions to carry out their professional activities, but also have moments of leisure, fun, and interaction”, says Nuno Antunes.

Every Friday they have soccer games, a ritual that ARMIS Group takes very seriously. Inside the building, they have fully equipped locker rooms and the players are entitled to personalized uniforms. But, if you’re not that good with your feet, you can always take it out on the gaming console.


At ARMIS Group, you live the dream of a team that wins inside and outside of the field, and that also shines on the stage. The company’s official band, ARMIS Band, has 16 members. You can check this out. They even have started public performances, at the company’s anniversary. Above all these talents is the capacity of facing the challenges and overcoming them. “We like the challenge. This isn’t something that you can easily find on the market. We are also quite a flexible company that likes to innovate. That is very important to us. We often tell people that it’s important for them to grow and that they should believe they can grow”, says Nuno.

This vision is shared by ARMIS Group and PTH, and both have been growing and learning collaboratively. “Something important to us is to share experiences, problems and sometimes even the advice we can give to other companies, which are competitors in the market, but that very often can help each other.” Trust and respect are only achieved by sharing experiences and mutual support and aiming to find solutions for problems. Nuno Antunes emphasizes, “In such regard, PTH is something that we saw as natural and important to us.”

26 July, 2019