In the corridors of… Devexperts

In 1999, a group of students at ITMO university decided to take part in a challenge and create an app to be used by investors in the financial world.

This group of friends enthusiastically led the transformation of a small project into a global company in the development of financial technology. Today, after almost 20 years in the market, they are still connected with the same group of students who brought it to life. Their vision reaches more than 6 million end-users worldwide, while furthering their expertise in finance, deep trading, and investment software expertise that they now share with others through publications and technical meetups.


Devexperts’ CEO in Portugal, Paulo Pires, has opened the doors of their Porto office and told us all about this journey, sharing the secrets behind the company’s success.

Operating in countries such as the United States, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and Singapore, Devexperts came to Portugal in 2018 for the people, the atmosphere, and the country’s geostrategic location. The Porto office has been opened for only one year, but it functions and creates projects as if it has been part of the company for years.

For Paulo, the employees are the secret: “It’s important for us that our employees enjoy, and evolve with, their work.” He highlights that both personal and professional development is internally motivated so that people can improve. “The company has also evolved and grown with its employees. They are a part of its DNA,” he added.


At Devexperts, everything is thought through to the tiniest detail and nothing happens by chance. Simplicity is a must when we interact within the company’s ecosystem — light tones, windows taking the place of walls, natural light, and an ocean view that inspires the creation of new ideas. We strive for versatility and pragmatism. “It’s not an office to show off. It’s not there to impress those on the outside. It exists to create a good environment and awe the people who are working within.”


Devexperts’ primary focus is to position the company in the Portuguese market while taking advantage of what Porto has to offer. That is how they came into contact with Porto Tech Hub.

Paulo encourages all companies to contact the Association when they come to the Undefeated city. “It’s fairly obvious that anyone who comes to Porto to work benefits from reaching out to Porto Tech Hub,” he concluded.

15 October, 2019