In The Corridors Of… Weezie

Who’s ready for a tech journey? On the second floor of an imposing building at Engenheiro Ferreira Dias St., you will find the modern, young and dynamic home of Weezie.


And how did this journey start, you ask? Weezie was born in 2018 and, by 2019, it started to grow fast. In just a year, Weezie made a difference and showed that it is much more than a software producer.

But what does Weezie do? They develop a platform, a cloud native solution, to speed up the implementation of new fiber networks, designed to generate growth, optimization of internal processes, task automation, cost reduction and sustainability. Amazing, right?


The International Market

Weezie is essentially focused on the international market. With a young and dynamic team, the main goal is to expand their groundbreaking software solutions to the four corners of the world. Right now, we can already find their solutions in companies from France, England and USA, just to mention some.


 Being A Weezie

“Of genius and crazy we all have a little”

“Equal, but with different responsibilities” is part of the Weezie culture. Everyone has the opportunity to grow, add value and contribute to the common good. Smells like… team spirit!

What about the office? It is fascinating: on the second floor, the professionals are motivated with messages on the walls like “Simplicity is the soul of efficiency”, “Hello. Be easy, be you” and, of course, “Team: a bunch of people with a dose of craziness and superpowers that result in greatness.” How can you not be motivated? It gives you the feeling that everything is possible.

If you go straight ahead through the main hallway and pass by these motivational walls, you will find the cafeteria. Here you can eat your launch, have a coffee break and relax. The best part? It is located side-by-side with a gaming area where you can play darts or a ping pong match against your teammates. A little competition never hurt anyone!


Weezie and the SWitCH program

Weezie joined Porto Tech Hub in 2018 intending to benefit from the different synergies that are created within the association. It has been a very beneficial relationship, and the goal is to continue for many more years with Porto Tech Hub.

One of the companies’ main objectives is to double the number of people they currently have by the end of the year and, in the coming years, grow even more. A good example of where they often go to get elements to be part of the team is… the SWitCH program, of course.

“So far, all the people who came through the SWitCH program ended up staying with the company”. A good starting point, isn’t it?

8 April, 2022