It’s official: The 25 company mark has been reached thanks to Avlino

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Avlino just became our newest member joining in the community and we couldn’t be prouder to announce that this represents the 25th company for Porto Tech Hub Association.

About Avlino

Avlino is an international, growth stage company that specializes in developing solutions powered by cutting-edge AI technologies. Their unique, solution-oriented approach to augment decision making and process automation eliminates the need for user-level analytics.  Supporting the transformation from end-user to “citizen data scientist,” Avlino has eliminated the need to write code or have any prior business intelligence experience. The Solutions are seamlessly integrated into workflows and do not require any team expansion.

With a commitment to pushing the barriers of technology, Avlino continuously evolves their products to forward-thinking methods that augment teams, grow businesses, and utilize AI to its fullest potential. In doing so, customers are ensured a sustainable, successful path to ROI maximization and operational efficiencies.

The Company is currently serving several industries including; Maritime Logistics, Telecommunications, and Hospitality.

Website: http://www.avlino.com


18 September, 2019