Porto Tech Hub Conference 2019: 7 sponsors disclosed and ticket platform launched

After Bosch and IT Sector became Porto Tech Hub Conference 2019’s first Platinum and Silver sponsors, respectively, PTH has announced 5 more sponsors for the event. Fabamaq will also be a Platinum sponsor for the Conference, Rumos and Euronext are our first Gold sponsors and msg-life and Finantech joined in as Silver sponsors.

Meanwhile PTH’s Conference 2019, which will take place on October 11th at Alfândega Porto Congress Centre, has now tickets available for everyone interested in becoming a participant. You can buy your tickets here and learn all about the event.

This year, the main theme is Art, Culture and Technologies and its aim is to integrate talks related to creative processes, increasingly present in the field of Information Technology, whether through design or music or through the company’s organizational culture itself.

11 June, 2019