Readiness IT and Applied Blockchain are the newest members of Porto Tech Hub

May brought two more good news: the new companies that are now part of PTH’s family – Readiness IT and Applied Blockchain. We have now 23 companies in our community and intend to keep on growing!


About Readiness IT:

Readiness IT (RIT) was founded in Porto in 2015 with 25 employees. Today has more than 300, working on a worldwide scale for renowned clients such as Ericsson, Telefónica, Etisalat, Spark, Claro, SwissCom, T-Mobile, among others. With its headquarters in Portugal, the company has offices in Auckland/New Zealand and Santiago do Chile/Chile. Readiness IT core team with +20 years of experience, plays a crucial role for RIT to be considered one of the five most influential companies in the world, working in Telco integration, system orchestration and digital transformation programs.

Readiness IT has an innovative recruitment model through their System Ninjas Dojo, offering specified training and hands-on experience in real ongoing projects to new employees. This model has been proven effective by addressing in an agile way its customers’ needs and deliver high-quality integration services.

Website: https://www.readinessit.com/


About Applied Blockchain:

Applied Blockchain builds enterprise-grade, future proof, real-world blockchain and zero knowledge applications and products for global companies.

Employing both technical advisory and full-stack in-house development and project management capabilities during engagements, Applied Blockchain works with clients to consult on the best practice approach to maximize the utility of blockchain smart contract and zero-knowledge proof technology for a given use case, design the architecture of the system and then build the solution in accordance with both technical and business requirements.

Website: https://appliedblockchain.com/

11 June, 2019