SWitCH contributes to requalification for new IT professionals

It’s called SWitCH and it is an innovative training program developed with two objectives: to requalify graduates from several business areas that interested in integrating ​​Information Technologies (IT) and to respond to the needs of IT companies, in terms of human resources. Organized by Porto Tech Hub Association, along with ISEP, this is the second edition of the program that aims to fight unemployment and precarious employment through the reconversion of graduates from other fields of knowledge to IT area, thus addressing the matter to the lack of IT professionals in companies. At the end of the program, students will be integrated into a paid internship at one of the associated companies of Porto Tech Hub, ensuring effective insertion in the professional world.

SWitCH has a teaching component with a duration of 9 months (postgraduate in Software Development – 60 ECTS), with a paid internship of 12 months at the end of the course, in one of the 14 technological companies in Porto associated with Porto Tech Hub.

The course has a unique format at national level, combining Project-Based Learning with agile methodologies of team development (scrum), involving professionals of the internships’ companies in the academic activities.

Applications for SWITCH are initially open until July 9, with the second phase running from August 14 to September 18. In total, there are 60 available positions, divided by two different classes.

Similarly to the previous year, the course costs €2850, guaranteeing a paid internship as of September 2019. The students of the first edition are now at the end of the teaching component and will be briefly integrated in the internships in companies such as Critical Software, Critical Manufacturing, Blip, Fabamaq, Armis, IT Sector, Codigree, Farfetch and I2S.

More information and applications here.

25 June, 2018