SWitCH students attend three new sessions by associated companies

IT Sector, Codigree, Fabamaq, Blip and Natixis are the companies that between the end of last year and the beginning of 2019 already introduced technical sessions to complement SWitCH’s participants knowledge. Now it was time for Present-Technologies, Critical Software and Critical Manufacturing.

On April 5th, Present-Technologies talked to students about “Development of web applications in ReactJS”. During May, Critical Software introduced the theme “App development in React Native” and, at the end of the month, Critical Manufacturing approached “Web applications development in Angular 7”.


These sessions conducted by PTH’s associated companies represent some of the actions for students to be in touch with the professional environment from the beginning of the program. This also contributes to the project-based learning core of the course.
Until the end of the school year, two more companies will present technical themes to the students. Stay tuned!

The applications for SwitCH 2019/20 are already available. Apply at https://portotechhub.com/switch/ 

11 June, 2019