Welcome To Voice2Tech

Welcome to Voice2Tech, the podcast that gives voice to Porto’s Tech Community!

Our goal is to develop and grow the city’s thriving tech scene to capture the imagination of the many talented individuals that the city plays host to, bringing businesses and people together to celebrate the power of technology.

In each episode of our brand-new podcast, we will invite different experts to talk about technology and its various areas, in an informal and funny way.

This podcast was designed for all technology lovers and for those who would like to know a little more about this area. Come hear all the news and tips from our experts, told in a relaxed way.

For our first episode we bring you one of the speakers that was present at Porto Tech Hub’s Conference, that took place on November 18th and 19th, Adam Bien – Developer (Architect), Consultant & Trainer. Adam told us how his journey as a freelancer is and what is the future of Java.


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With the incredible voices of our President Luís Silva and the experts Rui Costa (Armis) and Renato Rodrigues (ØxOPOSɆC), you can hear all the tips we have for you about Cybersecurity in our second episode.


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For our third episode, you can learn more about the secret ingredients and the formula that companies use to engage and to create happiness at work, and a little personal advice as well, with the voices of the experts Alexandra Monteiro, HR Line Manager at Cocus Portugal and Madalena Marinho, Happiness Director at Critical Techwork.


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Join us, meet the voices of our team and let yourself be carried away by the curiosity of the topics that will give you something to talk about!

Give voice to your technological side!


10 November, 2021