First speakers announced in Porto Tech Hub Conference 2019

The first 9 speakers for Porto Tech Hub Conference 2019 have already been announced and we are excited for them to be a part of this year’s event. Just as last year, the Conference will have two stages, a “Trends” one and a “Techs” one.
On the “Trends” stage, João Maia, Chief Operations Officer at Fabamaq, will be talking about The sound of numbers and Shai Gretz, Research Staff Member at IBM will be speaking about the theme How Persuasive Can a Computer Be?

This stage will also count with speaker José Principe, Eckis Distinguished Professor of ECE at the University of Florida, that is going to present the theme Artificial vs Natural Intelligence. Critical Software will be represented by Hélder Pereira, VP of Engineering and Carlos Pedro Semedo, Freelance Musician and the duo will focus on the question Can computers enjoy their own music? Sónia Fernandes, Failure Activist, will be talking about Failing our way into the future.

The “Techs” stage will integrate the speaker Marta Torneiro, Exchange Delivery Manager at Blip, that is going to be talking about Releases’ Painkiller!; José Silva, Principal Software Engineer at Critical Manufacturing, presenting WebAuthn: The future of Web authentication. Evgeny Sorokin, SVP of Engineering at Devexperts will talk about Technology superpowers in online trading and Óscar Rodrigues, Composer, Performer and Music Teacher from Digitópia – Casa da Música, will talk about Creativity Powered by Technology.

29 July, 2019