What Is SWitCH IoT?

SWitCH IoT is a specialization programme that is focused on the fundamentals, technologies and software that enable the development of IoT and cyber-physical systems.

To Whom is SWitCH IoT?

This programme is aimed at professionals with higher education in the areas of computer science, electronics or computers, or similar. Candidates with a different academic degree may also be admitted, as long as they have training or professional activity relevant to attending the course.

Our Objectives


It focuses on advanced programming topics in IoT systems, namely multi-threaded programming, asynchronous programming, event loops, functional programming.


Software development for embedded devices, such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Topics include embedded software programming, interfacing with hardware, serial communication, interrupts, processing limitations and memory.


The programme will cover the main technologies for processing data (Apache Spark, Storm, Kafka, Hadoop, etc.) in distributed computing, and intelligent algorithms for analyzing time series and patterns of IoT data and extracting information.

2024/25 Calendar

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  • Up to 20 students per class;
  • 12 hours weekly workload (8 hours online and 4 hours in person), after-work, from Monday to Friday;

1st Semester

  • Fundamentals of IoT Systems
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • IoT Data Communication and Protocols
  • Real-Time Operating Systems

2nd Semester

  • Security and Privacy
  • Advanced Programming of IoT Systems
  • Data Processing and AI in IoT
  • Integration of Systems and Services in the Cloud

Price and Financial Conditions

The price to attend SWitCH IoT is EUR 2000*.

The Santander Foundation will contribute 50% of the tuition fees (1000€) for the selected students.

For more information, please contact switch@portotechhub.com.
* The price for the programme may be updated before each school year.