What is SWitCH QA?

Web applications have taken a center stage in our lives, especially because they can run on any platform that supports a browser (PC, tablet, smartphone, embedded computers, etc.). They are pervasive, and their application is continuously expanding. SWitCH_QA() is a requalification and specialization programme for those who want to acquire competencies and skills about web development automated testing for a full and fast integration into the job market as an IT professional.


SWitCH_QA() applies agile practices and learning interactive processes to provide its students a solid, yet fast comprehension and application of software development and testing skills.

To Whom is SWitCH QA?

Graduates (bachelor degree) with or without STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) background and candidates from technology companies who work in manual testing and want to acquire skills to do automated testing and advance their career. Also, a B2 level of English is required for course attendance and access to possible internship. This will be tested during the recruitment process.

Our Objectives


Analyze the requirements of a problem presented by a client and, as a team, specify a quality assurance plan. Analyze the results and apply quality control and improvement techniques.


Understand the Quality Assurance (QA) process and apply it to the design and development of web applications.


Design and implement automated tests in TypeScript/JavaScript using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Continuous Deployment (CD).

2024/25 Calendar

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Up to 30 students per class, 8-10 elements per work group;

16 hours/week of classes and an estimated 25 hours/week workload, two 16-week semesters, after-work, from Monday to Friday;

1 project developed competitively by the groups;

3 simultaneous courses each semester:

  • 1 software engineering and testing course
  • 1 technical course covering key technologies and competencies
  • 1 project course to apply testing in an enterprise-like context

1st Semester

  • Software Development and Testing I
  • Software Quality Assurance I
  • Project I

2nd Semester

  • Software Development and Testing II
  • Software Quality Assurance II
  • Project II

</Internship may or not be incluided depending
on the opennings from the companies>

Price and Financial Conditions

The price to attend SWitCH_QA() is EUR 3200*.

For more information, please contact switch@portotechhub.com

* The price for the programme may be updated before each school year.


Your Testimonies

“The course played a critical role in kickstarting my career in QA. As I begin this journey, I am eager to face the challenges that lie ahead.”

Ricardo Cerqueira , SWitCH QA Alumni
Switch QA

“Switch QA significantly boosted my test automation skills and provided me with the tools and experience to handle a broader range of automation tasks within my role.”

Paulo Teixeira, SWitCH QA Alumni
Switch QA