What Is SWitCH Cyber?

This postgraduate program aims to train professionals capable of developing innovative and effective solutions in the fields of information security, cybersecurity, and privacy. Students will be prepared to apply best practices in DevOps/SecOps, software engineering, and artificial intelligence, with the goal of creating and integrating architectures that ensure data protection and user privacy in an increasingly digital and interconnected context.

To Whom is SWitCH Cyber?

This specialization is aimed at professionals who already have experience and are therefore integrated into the job market, and who want to deepen their knowledge of information security, cybersecurity and privacy, in a context of digital transformation. Candidates attending this course must have a degree in Computer Science or a different academic degree, as long as they have training or professional activity relevant to attending the course.

Our Objectives


The need for greater security and privacy will require organizations to demonstrate competence and guarantee information security. To this end, compliance with information security standards is essential to achieving this goal.


The solution is to use the best software development practices to enable a true digital transformation, which will be achieved by integrating systems, business processes, identity and access management in an information security context.


In order to support the digital transformation that is taking place, it is necessary to have professionals qualified to apply best practices and use devops/secops, software engineering and artificial intelligence to create secure architectural solutions and the respective integration of these solutions.


This specialization aims to provide knowledge that covers all aspects related to information security.

2024/25 Calendar

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  • Up to 20 students per class;
  • 12 hours weekly workload, after-work, from Monday to Friday;
  • 1 project developed competitively by the groups;

1st Semester

  • Principles of Secure Computing
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Information Security Management Systems
  • Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity
  • Project I

2nd Semester

  • Secure Software Architecture, Design and Development
  • Information Security Auditing
  • Incident Management and Digital Forensics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity
  • Seminar and Project II

Price and Financial Conditions

The price to attend SWitCH Cyber is EUR 2000*.

The Santander Foundation will contribute 50% of the tuition fees (1000€) for the selected students

For more information, please contact switch@portotechhub.com.
* The price for the programme may be updated before each school year.