Going to the 2017 Porto Tech Hub Conference? Check Out These Tips!

The 2017 Porto Tech Hub Conference is just around the corner and we’re expecting a lot of visitors!

To help you avoid queues, save some money and make the most of the events here are some tips…

1 – Parking
Thinking about driving to the event? Finding a spot to park for free won’t be easy. Alfândega has a free park, but it is limited to 250 parking spaces. Our suggestion is to arrive early and car share with your friends.

2 – Coffee break spots
The coffee break will take place in two different places: right outside the room where the speakers will be presenting and at the Salão Nobre, where the sponsors are. Grab yourself some appetizers at Salão Nobre.

3 – Wi-fi
To share the event with your friends on social media you can connect to free wi-fi. The network is called PTH2017 and the password is PTH2017.

4 – Lunch time
With such a busy day there’s not much time for lunch. Why not eat in a restaurant nearby to save time? Here are some restaurants to consider:

Taberna do Barqueiro

Address: R. de Miragaia 123, Porto

Contact:  937 691 732

Average price: €7/8

Flor da Alfândega

Address: R. de Miragaia 113, Porto

Contact: 918 369 712

Average price: €6

Casa Mara

Address: R. de Miragaia 113, Porto

Contact: 912676923

Average price: €6/7

Alfândega Douro

Address: Largo da Alfândega 20, Porto

Contact: 222082552

Average Price: €8/9

Verso em Pedra

Address: R. da Arménia 16, Porto

Contact: 22 205 8009 falar com André Selas

Chez Dany

Address: R. de Miragaia 21, Porto

Contact: 22 208 1708

6 – Beer party
At the end of the event, don’t miss the Porto Tech Hub beer party! It’s the perfect opportunity to continue getting to know Porto’s tech community. The party begins at 19h and will be next to the Sponsors Lounge.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

19 September, 2017