New Year, New Career: questions to ask to make sure you have the right profile to get into technology

New Year, New Career: questions to ask to make sure you have the right profile to get into technology

Porto Tech Hub suggests essential questions to consider when choosing to enter the tech world.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, the decision to enter the tech field is a significant and promising step. With the arrival of the new year and as many contemplate the prospect of a new career, it is crucial that, before embarking on this journey, professionals ask the right questions to ensure they have the right profile. This is why Porto Tech Hub, an association whose mission is to promote and develop the city of Porto as a global technology hub, has come up with five essential questions to consider for those who want to enter the tech world:

1. What is your technological passion? – Identifying the area in which you are most interested, be it software development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or data analysis, is the first step. Choosing an area that you are passionate about is essential for a successful and happy career.

2. Is there a willingness to learn constantly? – Technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, being willing to learn continuously and keep up with the latest trends is crucial for experts to stay relevant in the field.

3. How do you deal with challenges and pressure? – Problem-solving is an intrinsic part of the tech world, so candidates should assess how they deal with it and whether they have the resilience to overcome obstacles. In addition, tight deadlines and high-pressure situations are common in this sector. Assessing how you cope under pressure and whether you can keep your cool to deliver results is key.

4. Where do your communication skills stand? – Communicating complex ideas in an understandable way is crucial. Professionals must develop communication skills in order to interact effectively with colleagues and clients.

5. What is the long-term vision? – All specialists should have a clear vision of their long-term career, defining goals and objectives to ensure that their journey in the technological world is successful and rewarding.

In their New Year’s reflections, by considering these questions, professionals will be better prepared to make an informed decision about joining the technological world and taking advantage of the opportunities it offers in order to invest in their future.

21 December, 2023