Porto Tech Hub leaves tips to protect your computer

In an increasingly digital world, computer security has become an essential priority. So Porto Tech Hub, an association whose mission is to promote and develop the city of Porto as a global technology hub, shares tips for protecting personal and professional data from online threats:

1. Update devices regularly: Keeping the operating system, antivirus and other programs up to date is crucial to ensuring computer security. Updates often include security patches that correct vulnerabilities and protect against recent threats. Users should configure automatic updates whenever possible to ensure that devices are always protected.

2. Be aware of phishing and cyber-attacks: Phishing practices are constantly evolving, becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is important to look out for suspicious emails, strange messages or unknown links. Users should not click on dubious links and avoid providing personal or financial information on untrustworthy sites, as well as always checking the authenticity of sources before sharing sensitive data.

3. Avoid accessing confidential information in public spaces: Using computers in public places such as cafés and libraries can be convenient, but it is crucial to avoid accessing confidential information in these environments. Privacy screens and caution when writing down passwords in spaces where there are observers are essential practices. Sensitive tasks should be carried out in more controlled and secure environments.

4. Use firewalls and anti-malware software: In addition to a good antivirus, users should have an active firewall on their computer. Firewalls help monitor and control network traffic, protecting against unauthorized access. They can also complement the defense of their devices with effective anti-malware software, ensuring an additional barrier against online threats.

5. Wipe sensitive data before disposing of devices: When disposing of computers, cell phones or storage devices, the user should wipe all sensitive data, using secure formatting tools or restoring the devices to factory settings. This helps prevent personal or professional information from falling into the wrong hands.

By following these five tips, you can significantly strengthen the security of your computers, contributing to a more protected and resilient digital environment. This is a reminder of the importance of keeping online security an ongoing priority.

15 December, 2023