As Raparigas do Código

At “As Raparigas do Código”, we envision a world where women are inspired to pursue and excel at tech careers. No stereotypes attached, no boys-club, no side-eye, no nay-sayers, no gender gap. Our mission is to give women a community of inspirational teachers, charismatic mentors, and supportive allies in Tech.

As a non-profit community, we work to guarantee that every girl and woman in Portugal has access to education in tech-related fields. To that end, we offer a series of free programming workshops across a wide variety of topics, where each woman’s path is tailored to her needs and objectives. Whether these may be to learn computer programming from scratch, upgrade her coding skills, specialise in specific subjects, get support and expert feedback, find a mentor or a role model, or get in touch with the technology job market. All while becoming a part of a brave, diverse, and inclusive new world in tech.

Let’s demystify technology together.


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