Kateryna Shepeliuk

Usual people + basic technology = unbelievable social and cultural changes

Basic technology can become a tool to create life magic, promote art, increase the quality of education and boost intercultural dialogue.

Is it possible to rewrite people’s life stories sitting on your sofa? Do you know how to create new happy memories for unparented kids in the 3rd world countries? Are you aware that you don’t need to have a lot of money or even travel there? All you need, in order to make incredible social impact anywhere in the world, are basic technology, an open mind and a kind loving heart.

Kateryna Shepeliuk will demonstrate how text messages, video conferencing and on-line shopping are providing orphans in Africa with fair access to education, proper nutrition, drinking water, emotional support and… warm memories from childhood. She will prove this in real time!

About the speaker 

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the civic & social organization industry. Skilled in Youth Development, Activism, Government, Translation, and Training Material. Strong program and project management professional with a Master’s degree focused in International Economics.