Marta Torneiro

Releases’s Painkiller!

Delivering features can be an exciting but they also can be a stressful thing. Managing and aligning releases between different teams is a complex task that can be hard work and time consuming. And then, it becomes a real (almost physical) pain to even think about doing one. We’ve all been there!

In this talk, I’m going to explore how changing some aspects on the way we use our pipelines at Blip made a massive difference and how automation can actually make releases less frustrating while using some real-world examples.

About the speaker

“I’m a Delivery Manager at Blip, where I currently manage two development teams.

I have a Master’s degree in Services Engineering and Management from FEUP and, before joining Blip, I’ve worked for almost 5 years in the QA area, 3 of which leading teams.

I’m passionate about People, Technology and Continuous Improvement practices and an enthusiast about the Agile and DevOps cultures to find new ways of delivering working software quickly without compromising quality, while empowering teams to reach their full potential. “