Welcome To Voice2Tech

Welcome to Voice2Tech, the podcast that gives voice to Porto’s Tech Community! Our goal is to develop and grow the city’s thriving tech scene to capture the imagination of the […]

November 2021

PTH Conference 2021 is almost here

So you don’t miss anything, keep up with all the information and news from the conference on our website and social media pages. Over the next few weeks, we will […]

September 2021

“Artificial Intelligence” by Maryann Sciallo (Avlino)

Avlino focuses mainly on telecommunications and maritime logistics. In what can AI benefit these sectors? Both maritime logistics and telecommunications are capital-intensive industries that require high investments in essential facilities, […]

September 2021

SWitCH apllications still ongoing

Would you like to be part of SWitCH or you know someone that would? You still can!  Applications for the 5th edition of the SWitCH program are ongoing, closing August […]

July 2021
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