Natixis and i2S highlighted in Sábado magazine

In the last printed edition of Sábado magazine, Natixis and i2S were highlighted with an interesting article about the current recruitment processes, which, of course, are developed remotely. Recruitment and internships […]

October 2020

Porto Tech Hub: In the Corridors of… Season 1!

Soon we will resume filming at our associates’ headquarters, but, until then, let’s remember the images already captured inside the offices of some of our amazing associates. Take a look! […]

October 2020

In the corridors of… Readiness IT

Those who visit Readiness IT offices in Campanhã – less than a kilometer from the famous Railway Station – will certainly look for an imposing building that stands out in […]

March 2020

In the corridors of… Cocus

There is a whole “international” vibe in the corridors of Cocus Portugal. Although you only need to take the metro from Porto to Matosinhos-Sul to get there, after entering in […]

January 2020
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