And our first associate of the year is… Retail Consult

The year has only just started and the number of associated companies keeps growing bigger and bigger with Retail Consult being the new gear of the Porto Tech Hub machine.
Porto Tech Hub welcomes them with open arms!


About Retail Consult

Retail Consult is a group of professionals who specialize in technology solutions for retail, offering clients global perspective and experience with operations in Europe, North, South and Central America. Retail Consult provides solutions strategy, implementation, deployment, training and support services. They serve clients across a range of retail segments including fashion, grocery, pharmacy, do it yourself, telecommunications, and electronics. In size, their clients range from regional, privately held companies to global retailers deploying multiple brands.  Retail Consult is unique because they have an extremely high success rate for implementing Oracle Retail Solutions.  Their Retail Academy trains young professionals in Retail and Retail related Information technology to achieve the highest standard. Their values and mission drive them to be a strategic partner to all clients.


29 January, 2020