Byside organizes Elétrico Porto Music Experience Festival

From July 20 to 22, Parque da Pasteleira will be the stage for the first Elétrico Porto Music Experience. This is a music, dance, art and technology festival, born of the energy, culture and character of Porto. The Festival, organized by one of the associated companies of Porto Tech Hub, Byside, brings the world to Porto and takes Port to the world, assuming itself as a vehicle of emotions in connecting past and future, old and new, and of course, to show the fresh and irreverent state of mind that one lives in the city.

The event privileges contact with nature, the sun and the outdoors, with musical proposals ranging from jazz to techno, to soul, funk, disco and house, combining Music, Art, StartUps and Energy in the same space. The ludic space offers a sound system, and its dance floor, food trucks, comfort area and a wine area.

Elétrico Porto Music is also an experience that goes beyond music. For that reason bets on a component of cultural sustainability, through the connection with cultural agents of the city, with a multiplicity of proposals that promise to captivate all visitors. In partnership with the company ‘JCDecaux’ and the mythical Porto space for cultural intervention ‘Maus Hábitos’, the Mupi Gallery project will be shown, which uses the structures of the mupis as an installation in the park to show a set of artistic photographs. The project Sábado-feira will also mark a presence promoting, throughout the three days, an art fair where you can find photography, painting, drawing, illustration, posters, fanzines, publications or ceramics works, among others.

18 July, 2018