Change Your Career With SWitCH

Applications for the 6th edition of SWitCH are open. Graduates interested in changing careers or strengthening their skills in information technologies (IT), can apply until July 3rd.

In this new edition, organized by Porto Tech Hub along with Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP), there are 60 spots available, and the aim is to provide students with exciting professional challenges in a bursting job market.

For one year, starting in October, the teaching component, in a face-to-face format, includes three areas of competencies – Software engineering and programming; Methodologies, tools and support techniques and Agile development of a software solution in a business context.

After the school year, all the students with positive grades will start a paid internship in one of the companies associated with Porto Tech Hub, ensuring effective insertion in the professional world.


What Our Students Say

“If someone told me a year ago that I would learn to do everything I am doing now, I would say that it was impossible.” – Lisa Silva, Graduated in Chemistry

“We feel that we are going to end this program well prepared for the future and that the companies value us.” – Emanuel Sousa, Degree in Management

See more about SWitCH here.

31 May, 2022