In the corridors of… Cocus

There is a whole “international” vibe in the corridors of Cocus Portugal. Although you only need to take the metro from Porto to Matosinhos-Sul to get there, after entering in their office you almost forget that the Atlantic Ocean is in the neighborhood.

“Where am I?”, you may ask yourself. And then, when you look at a wall with three (different) clocks, you may ask: “Am I having one of those Salvador Dalí-esque kind of dreams?”. Then you realize you’re in an international company whose work has influence worldwide, impacting the lives of millions of people everyday.


It’s a whole new world

Admittedly a COmpany for CUStomers – got it? -, this German multinational group focuses on creating bridges between IT and business with customized solutions based on the Internet of Things, Cyber ​​Security, Machine Learning or Blockchain for interesting markets such as tourism, ​​banking and insurance, the automotive sector, among others.

According to Alexandra Monteiro, Principal Manager of Human Resources at Cocus Portugal, “currently all projects are for international clients, which allows our employees to be in their comfort zone, in Portugal, but have a very valuable international and multicultural perspective and influence”.

Cocus is proud of its sustained growth since the beginning of the millennium, when it was created, with headquarters in Germany, Switzerland and Portugal, since May 2018.

Why Porto? “It was the obvious choice”, said Alexandra Monteiro: excellent professionals and prosperous conditions were the main attributes that attracted the company’s decision makers. The first office occupied by Cocus in the city of Porto quickly became too tight for so many brilliant minds, leading to the need to a change to Matosinhos.


A Company for People

Wandering through its corridors, and although Cocus Portugal already has 86 employees – which will be doubled by the end of 2020 -, it’s possible to feel the focus on the people. For example, each meeting room is a tribute to Cocus’ first employees and their cities: Braga, Aveiro, Santarém, Coimbra, almost every region of the country is represented in this kind of “quick trip” to the early days of the company’s presence in our country.

Each desk seems to say a lot about its occupant, giving life and humanizing the entire space. Natural light is abundant and provides a warm and stimulating environment for creativity. For those who need a more isolated place to get some rest, the high sofas are ideal. It’s like entering a space capsule in which time stands still for those looking for extra focus and concentration.

During lunch time or after work, there are also several options to decompress outside: a walk on the beach, a surf lesson or a quick jogging by the sea is a short time away from the office.

Everything in Cocus shows a special focus not only on customers, but also on the people who represent and contribute to the company on a daily basis.


Porto Tech Hub: a natural choice

After Cocus selected Porto’s area for the new headquarters, Porto Tech Hub emerged as a strategic partner, confessed Alexandra Monteiro, “since it is an association that brings together excellent technological companies and allows access to many people who work and are interested in this area”.

Almost a year later after becoming the 20th company to join PTH as an associate, Cocus keeps committed to contribute and, of course, benefit from this successful partnership.

31 January, 2020