In the corridors of Intellias

In The Corridors Of… Intellias

In this “In the corridors”, we venture into the domains of Intellias, a leading software engineering and digital solutions company, to uncover not only the secrets of its business, but also its corporate culture and working environment, on Rua Brigadeiro Nunes da Ponte, in the streets of Porto.

What is Intellias?

Intellias is a trusted technology partner for top-tier organizations. With more than 3,200 specialists, they have extensive experience in technology and engineering to solve challenges of any scale, complexity or nature.

Talking With Intellias

Talking to members of the team, we are introduced to the core of Intellias’ business. Specializing in providing customized software solutions for a wide range of sectors, such as automotive, fintech, digital and e-commerce, the company stands out for its ability to embrace complex challenges and translate them into practical and effective solutions. With more than 3,200 specialists spread all over the world, Intellias is currently located in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and of course Portugal, with offices in Porto and Lisbon.

Intellias Office

While exploring the Intellias office in Porto, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the energy and spirit of innovation that surrounds each space. From the meeting room to the lounge area, each environment has been designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. Here we can find an open space where it’s easy to work as a team. On the other hand, the Intellias team in Portugal can choose when and how they work – in the office, at home or in a hybrid format, because as well as building a comfortable working environment for its specialists, Intellias also focuses on improving its strong engineering DNA and encouraging the professional growth of its members.

Nor could we forget Intellias’ mascot, the chameleon, Stefan, who can be seen in every corner of the office.

In the corridors of Intellias

One Of The Best Places To Work

In Portugal, Intellias want to be recognized as the best place to work, as they already are in other locations, by companies such as Forbes, Great Place To Work or Ernest and Young. But also, in 2023, Exame magazine, ranked Intellias as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal in 2023 as part of the “Best Companies to Work For” (MEPT) initiative, organized in collaboration with ManpowerGroup.

In the corridors of Intellias

Intellias and Porto Tech Hub

Since 2022, Intellias has been a member of the Porto Tech Hub, with the aim of establishing ties and collaboration with the local ecosystem and the tech community.

“Being part of the Porto Tech Hub allows us to establish a closer connection with this community and this ecosystem and contribute to the joint growth of the region.

The feedback from our connection to Porto Tech Hub has been extremely positive. The initiatives are collaborative, innovative and bring a particular value to everyone.” –  said Renato Amorim, Delivery Manager at Intellias.

10 May, 2024