In The Corridors Of… Mobiweb

In The Corridors Of… Mobiweb

Who is Mobiweb?

In the Julio Dinis Street at Porto, there is a hub of innovation and creativity: the office of Mobiweb.

Mobiweb is a company that develops mobile and web applications for different industries, as well as personalized consulting services for software development companies.

Their mission? To elevate businesses to new heights of success through transformative digital experiences and fearless pursuit of innovation, while creating a positive impact on society, fuelled by unwavering integrity and boundless optimism.



Founded in 2017, Mobiweb began with two trainees in a small office. In 2018 Mobiweb took the step of opening two new offices, one in Coimbra and the other on the island of Madeira. However, due to the trend towards remote working over the years, it was in 2022 that Mobiweb opened its headquarters in Porto and had its employees spread geographically throughout the country. Today, in 2024, the company has more than 30 highly specialized employees.

The Mobiweb Office

As you step through the doors of Mobiweb’s office, you are immediately greeted by a sense of energy and excitement. The space is designed to inspire creativity and productivity, with modern furnishings and an open layout that encourages communication and teamwork. Natural light floods the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

One of the features of Mobiweb’s office is the flexibility and adaptability. The space is designed to accommodate various work styles and preferences, with designated areas for collaboration, quiet concentration, and relaxation. Whether employees prefer to get together for brainstorming sessions, retreat to a cozy corner to work on their concentration or relax with a game of foosball, there is a space adapted to their needs.

At the heart of Mobiweb’s office is its dedicated team of professionals, whose passion and expertise drive the company’s success. From software engineers to marketing specialists, each member of the team brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table, contributing to Mobiweb’s reputation.

mobiweb office

A Porto Tech Hub Associate

Mobiweb joined Porto Tech Hub in 2023 with expectations for the future to strengthen their relationship with the other Porto Tech Hub members and with the organization itself, but also trying to elevate Porto’s technology sector as a whole.

“We believe it is essential to invest in training talent for this sector. That’s what Mobiweb has been doing over the years, and we’re very pleased to see what Porto Tech Hub has been doing through the SWitCH programme. In this way, we can only wish to be associated and perhaps in the future welcome some of these talents into our company.” – António “Tojal” Rocha, Product Manager @ Mobiweb.

mobiweb office

4 April, 2024