In the corridors of… Readiness IT

Those who visit Readiness IT offices in Campanhã – less than a kilometer from the famous Railway Station – will certainly look for an imposing building that stands out in that expanding area. But no, the main headquarters of this Portuguese company blends in with the surrounding traditional buildings, naturally joining the background in a perfect past/present/future harmony.



Imagine a place in the future…

Readiness IT will complete five years in June 2020, but, in conversation with Adérito Ferreira, CEO of the company, we realized that they clearly embraced the fast digital evolution, reinventing themselves and their services.

Initially, the focus was on the telecommunications area, largely due to the professional background of the team composed by 25 people who joined the project from day one. Currently, it can be said that Readiness IT develops and implements user-centered services and digital solutions from end-to-end process and architecture design, system integration and automation, test automation, customer relationship management, omnichannel and multichannel experience and much, much more.

With satisfied customers from all over the world, companies of markets such as banking, service utilities and retail stand out as those that can take the most advantage from the solutions developed by Readiness IT. The future is the limit!


From Porto to the world!

It all started in a small room in Espinho. According to Adérito, in the face of a rapid expansion, Readiness IT had to look for a new home and then Porto became exactly that… through a rented office in Boavista. In 2019, the company naturally decided to move to its own space, in the mentioned area of ​​Campanhã, creating better working conditions for everyone.

Although Readiness IT’s official headquarters are in Porto, there are two more operational centers located in Portugal – Lisbon and Beira Interior -, as well as two offices abroad, in Chile (Santiago) and New Zealand (Auckland).

That is how the 25 people who started Readiness IT multiplied and are now more than 400 worldwide. In fact, the company is proud to have “created” a large part of its collaborators with the famous “System Ninjas” academies. This is the starting point for young and talented people recently graduated that want to be part of the team “from day one”, says Adérito Ferreira.

The new office is fascinating: within old walls, hundreds of trained professionals are improving technologies of the future. Ironic, isn’t it? Each meeting room (located on the top floor) is completely glazed and “sends” motivational messages to the teams: “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast” or “Work Smarter, Not Harder” can inspire everyone in the room.

If you go straight ahead, after some illustrations full of life and color embedded in the walls, you can find the rest and leisure areas, because it’s important to “Work Hard, Snack Often!”. The cafeteria is located side-by-side with a game area: a darts game or a PlayStation match can improve the day for many. Or the other way around! In the end, what matters is to participate, isn’t it?


“We believe in Competitive Intelligence”

Readiness IT joined Porto Tech Hub last year, in 2019, due to the company’s belief in “Competitive Intelligence”, that is, association, collaboration and cooperation between several companies within the same industry, especially when internationalization is the focus. Thus, for Adérito Ferreira, PTH appears as an excellent solution to create this dynamic, connection and associativism for internationalization within the IT community specifically.

The goal for Readiness IT as an associate is clear: to collaborate with Porto Tech Hub initiatives, contributing to the cohesion of the entire group so that this hub’s internationalization can become increasingly a reality for everyone.

27 March, 2020