In the corridors of Retail Consult

In The Corridors Of… Retail Consult

Enter the halls of Retail Consult with us. It all starts in the business center of Lionesa, when you enter Building G32. We immediately feel the culture and values of Retail Consult, knowing that we are in an international company that has influence throughout the world.

Retail Consult is a company specialized in the implementation of retail information systems. Its mission? To create an exceptional experience that delivers value to their customers, partners and employees. Due to their partnership with Oracle, they specialize in implementing Oracle Retail systems.

Retail All Around The World

It all started in 2011 in Porto, Portugal. Now Retail Consult is spread all around the world, with 7 offices in Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the United States, and most recently in China. This way, Retail is increasingly closer to the customers.

Within its corridors in Portugal, we can find more than 200 employees, with experience in retail and other areas of activity.

As we walk through the company’s corridors, we can see that orange is the color of Retail’s heart. Here we can find several teams in an open space with hallways full of natural light. Along the open space, we can also find some meeting rooms with motivational words, like “Success” and “Simplicity.” We pass by the cafeteria, with everything their employees may need to relax and recharge their energies during breaks, and almost at the stairs leading to an upper floor, we can find on the walls handmade paintings by their employees, that were born in team building activities. Really inspiring!

In the corridors of Retail Consult by Porto Tech Hub   In the corridors of Retail Consult by Porto Tech Hub  In the corridors of Retail Consult by Porto Tech Hub   In the corridors of Retail Consult by Porto Tech Hub

Now, up the stairs, we reach a floor that is mostly used for meetings, both face-to-face and remote.

In the corridors of Retail Consult by Porto Tech Hub  In the corridors of Retail Consult by Porto Tech Hub


Retail Consult Academy

Now that we know all about its corridors, here is some curiosity about Retail Consult. From the very beginning when Retail was launched, they created a fundamental pillar to support the growth of the company, which was their academy. Retail Consult recruits young graduates and builds, helps, and provides conditions for these young people to grow with them and become experienced retail consultants in all areas of expertise.


Porto Tech Hub: The first associate of 2020

Retail Consult joined Porto Tech Hub in January 2020 and it was the first associate of that year. When they were presented with this initiative, the answer was “there was an immediate identification. First, Porto, second Tech, and then talent creation. This is in our origin, and we identified ourselves with the purpose and the goals of this initiative, and it made sense for us to join this IT community in the north of Portugal.”

After 2 years, Retail Consult keeps committed to contributing and benefiting from this successful partnership. “We want to be part of this community, which is thinking ahead, is bringing innovation to the market, and is also developing new skills and projecting Porto to the world, above all.”

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11 July, 2022