International Girls in ICT Day with Teresa Carreiro

Today, April 21, the International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated all over the world. To mark this day, we had a meaningful conversation with Teresa Carreiro, Co-Founder and Operations Director at Critical Manufacturing and Vice President of Porto Tech Hub, between 2018 and 2021. Nowadays, she is a member of PTH’s Advisory Board.


What are the main changes you have witnessed in the role of women in technology companies since the beginning of your career?


I’ve been working in this area for over 25 years and my professional experience has been marked by an environment essentially of men. Women have always been fewer in this area and that, unfortunately, has not changed much.

Through all these years, I realized that most women who work in this area have a strong presence. They know exactly what they want and how they want to do it, possibly because the choice through the technological career path sharpens their determination and confidence.

The tech communities dedicated to women that have emerged over the years have managed to give them a sense of belonging, helping to demystify the capacity of women in the technological world, showing that women can discuss any kind of issue in this area.

Although it is still a reality that tech companies are mainly composed of men, this is an area that has always been more inclusive and diverse than many other areas. For women or men, it is a privilege to work in IT.


In your opinion, what should we still work on in the future regarding the path of women in tech careers?


To begin with, I would like to stress the importance of preparing students at an earlier age for technological subjects. The fact is that the ICT subjects are introduced late, with the little workload, and, based on my experience, there is a lack of consolidation of the objectives that are intended to be achieved at the end of each year. This is the same for women and men.

Emphasis should be placed on promoting successful careers, sharing professional opportunities, pushing women to see this area as another career possibility accessible to everyone from an early age.

In my reality, whether a woman or a man, access to career development is the same for everyone, as it should be. Companies must not put barriers to the evolution of employees, regardless of gender (or any other situation beyond skills).


If you could advise all future professionals in this area, what would it be?


Do not be afraid to give your opinion and be persistent. Whenever possible, share your good experiences and spread inspiration.


20 April, 2021