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People 4 People: Porto has a new technological community

The 1st People 4 People meetup will take place on November 14, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at CRITICAL Software

People 4 People is a new tech community that focuses mainly on Human Resources (HR), which promises to be a place to share and discuss solutions and strategies for the daily challenges related to that field. Therefore, People management, positive communication and organizational behaviour are some of the keywords that describe People 4 People.

So, the 1st meetup will take place on November 14 at CRITICAL Software from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Paula Rocha, HR Director at MOG & CEO at Keep Corporate, will lend her voice and knowledge as the first guest speaker to discuss the topic “Managing Teams – Upgrade Your Leadership Skills,” which will focus on team management tools.

Born from the joint effort of Luís Silva, Head of People Management at Fabamaq, and Aurélie Rodrigues, Office Manager & Human Resources at CRITICAL Software, the People 4 People project, which counts with the help of personnel from other companies associated with PTH, such as BLIP (Diana Amado) and Fabamaq (Vera Bravo and Rui Esteves), intends to appeal to the motto “think outside the box” and to create synergies that can add value and develop dynamic cultures in organizational communities.

The community meetups, aimed mainly at professionals related to people management, business management, teachers and students, will be held on a bimonthly basis and aims to bring together real people around real issues and interests, promoting debate, the development and definition of solutions and strategies for the Human Resources area.

P4P is the newest member of the technological community of the city of Porto, which regularly organizes meetups and brings together professionals from different companies. Everyone interested in attending the event should register here.

28 September, 2018