O Porto está a ganhar destaque internacional no sector tech by Porto Tech Hub

Porto is gaining international prominence in the tech sector. And these five reasons explain why.

In recent years, Porto has stood out on the international scene as one of the best destinations for techies, entrepreneurs, startups, among others. However, the city still has room to grow and receive new projects.

Porto Tech Hub presents five reasons that make Invicta a perfect place, and with the necessary conditions, for technology companies.


City life

Porto is a city known for what it offers to its people: a mild climate, a more relaxed pace of life than in other European cities, good food and a wide variety of cultural and leisure activities. These are just a few aspects that Porto has to offer to the technology company professionals who settle there.


Safety and networking

Porto is very safe compared to other European cities. Crime rates are low, which means that companies can operate with greater peace of mind, and employees can feel safer in their daily lives. This is especially important for organizations that handle sensitive data and confidential information, such as technology companies. In addition to this, there is also a great connection between technology companies in the city, particularly created with the help of the Porto Tech Hub, which provides a networking environment for everyone involved.


Strategic location

Porto’s location is also a differentiating point, as it allows easy access to other important cities in the country and in Europe. This means that companies established in the city have access to a large business network and potential clients, and are in an ideal position to expand their operations internationally.


Quality Education

The city has some of the best universities in the country, such as the University of Porto and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto that offer renowned courses related to Information and Communication Technology. There are also programs such as SWitCH Dev and SWitCH QA dedicated exclusively to training technology professionals. Porto therefore has a large number of young people with the technology and engineering skills that companies are looking for when settling in the city. This is also an advantage for professionals from these organizations who decide to live and raise a family in the region.


Its people

Any company that arrives in the Invicta has at its disposal that which is its development engine: its people. The human characteristics of the people of Porto are exactly what allows to create, even at a business level, strong personal relationships that go beyond the work environment, but that do not unbalance the very positive balance between personal and professional life, which also differentiates the city.


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27 April, 2023