Porto Tech Hub brings together 1,200 attendees at an event that “doesn’t compete with the Web Summit”

Porto Tech Hub brings together 1,200 attendees at an event that “doesn’t compete with the Web Summit”

For the first time, the event had five rooms running simultaneously with talks and workshops. Nearly 40 speakers, twice as many as in the previous edition, addressed topics ranging from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence.

On October 27th, Alfândega do Porto welcomed nearly 1,200 participants—double as many as last year— to the Porto Tech Hub Conference, an event that brings together the region’s technological ecosystem and which, for the first time, had five rooms running simultaneously with talks and workshops, with the main technological trends and news, regarding various fundamental programming languages, the cloud and infrastructures, cybersecurity, the modern web and artificial intelligence.

“Porto gains national and international visibility by having the biggest technology conference in Portugal, with speakers [from multinationals like Google or Oracle]. But it doesn’t compete with the Web Summit, because the Porto Tech Hub Conference is more technical, more aimed at those who work in technological development and who are looking for approaches to new programming languages,” the president of Porto Tech Hub told ECO/Local Online.

This association, which is organizing the conference, has the mission of promoting and developing the city of Invicta as a global technological hub. The event has the support of the Porto City Council’s Open Call for Innovation and Digital Transition.

Luís Silva hopes to “attract even more business to Porto as a global technology center” with this eighth edition of the event. “The conference is an asset for the city because it brings together Porto’s entire tech ecosystem and foreign tech experts. It’s an opportunity for the participants to take their knowledge back to the companies where they work and have new career opportunities too,” he said.

The initiative featured 40 speakers – twice as many as in 2022 – many of them international and including names such as Mete Atamel, software engineer and developer advocate at Google, who talked about cloud-related topics; or Nicolai Parlog, a Java developer advocate at Oracle, who talked about data-oriented programming in Java (a programming language). Josh Long, spring developer advocate at Pivotal, brought the topic “Bootiful Spring Boot 3″ to the event and was another of the leading names in the technology world attending.

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13 November, 2023