PTH’s associated companies continue training sessions for SWitCH

After IT Sector and Codigree presented the themes “The role of a QA professional in a company” and “Requirements Identification”, respectively, at the end of 2018, it was time for three more companies to give training to SWitCH’s students. Fabamaq, Blip and Natixis did the honours for the first new year’s classes.

On February 22nd Fabamaq talked to all program’s participants about “The role of a product owner”. During March, Blip introduce “Java Spring” and finally, also in March, Natixis presented a “Case of application of DevOps”.

To support the project-based learning part of the course, PTH’s associated companies have been conducting some classes and training for SWitCH’s students, along with their teachers at ISEP. Throughout this 2nd semester, the students will have more technical sessions conducted by Porto Tech Hub’s associated companies representatives.

Stay tuned to the next edition of our newsletter and we’ll tell you all about the next classes.

27 March, 2019